A Warranty With All Orders

A Warranty With All Orders

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A warranty with all orders. It's part of the service at Car Bulbs Direct.

When you buy a set of car bulbs, an LED daylight running kit or replacement xenon HID lamp from Car Bulbs Direct, you're investing in your vehicle. Thanks to the excellent quality control procedures implemented by Philips, the instances of manufacturing defects these days are very rare indeed. This is because Philips control their own production and also make vehicle lighting for the world's leading vehicle manufacturers.

However, there are times when a bulb will fail. This can often be due to an external factor, such as pot holes, speed bumps or poorly-maintained roads. It is very difficult to ascertain exactly why a bulb has failed without going through expensive and time-consuming testing.

Here at Car Bulbs Direct, we appreciate that you've invested in a quality product, and feel it's only right that you can have assurance of a minimum life expectancy from your bulbs. That's why we offer a warranty for at least 6 months from the date of purchase, even if your bulb has actually failed through an externality (which could affect any bulb of any brand).

In order to administer this there is a procedure, but we've tried to keep it as simple as we can. Take a look at our warranty terms and conditions. There's a few things it doesn't cover, but they are clearly highlighted.

As mentioned earlier, thanks to the innovation and quality of automotive lighting manufacturers, the chances of failure within 6-12 months are low. However, our warranty gives our customers extra peace of mind. If an unlikely event occurs, there is cover in place. It's part of the service at Car Bulbs Direct.

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