Which Bulb Should I Choose?

Which Bulb Should I Choose?

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Making the right choice

There are a huge range of bulbs available to buy on the market. At Car Bulbs Direct, we want to ensure that our customers purchase the correct product for their personal requirements. If you're looking for a bulb that will deliver the maximum amount of light on the road, or if you're looking for whiter light, then here's what we'd recommend.

1. Which bulb fits my car?

Firstly, you need to ensure that you're buying the right bulb fitting for your car (such as H7, H4, H1 etc). If you're not sure which bulb fitting you need then you can use our online vehicle database to help. If you've already got this information then you can proceed to the next stage.

2. Which manufacturer?

We'd always recommend choosing a manufacturer that build to original equipment quality standards. These days there are only a small number of bulb manufacturers who actually own their own production facilities. We sell bulbs that are manufactured by high quality brands and have been proven time and time again. If you buy a bulb from a retail store from another brand, they might not be able to tell you where that bulb was made. Furthermore, it's guaranteed that that brand will not be used by any major vehicle manufacturer. 

3. Which product?

It completely depends on what you're looking for. Take a look at our bullets points below for guidance.

If your objective is:-

  • Maximum light output on the road for safer, more comfortable night time driving...

... then we would recommend a maximum performance upgrade. These ranges offer extra light on the road to help you see further. Bestselling maximum performance bulbs include Philips RacingVision, OSRAM Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation), Philips X-tremeVision +130, GT Ultra 120, and GE Megalight Ultra +130.

If your objective is:-

  • A stylish option
  • Whiter light on the road...

... chose a styling bulb. These ranges use their power to produce the whitest light possible, for a modern look on the road. Some of these bulbs may not be road legal, so make sure to check the product information before you purchase. Bestselling styling ranges include Philips Diamond Vision, OSRAM Cool Blue Intense, and Philips X-tremeUltinon LED.

If you're looking for a bulb that will last the distance, take a look at our Longlife/Eco ranges.

    How do I find out more and upgrade?

    If you're not sure which bulb fitting you need for your car then please refer to our online vehicle database.

    Any other questions?

    If you need any further assistance then we're here to help. Contact us.

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