Warranty terms and conditions at Car Bulbs Direct Europe.

Warranty terms and conditions

Free Warranty With Every Order

For added peace of mind you’ll get a FREE warranty of up to 12 months* with any product bought from PowerBulbs via the website or over the phone.

All of our bulbs are Original Equipment, which means you’re getting a product that’s created by the original manufacturer of the part you’re replacing/improving. It's very rare that issues arise with the bulbs we sell. However, if your purchase from Carbulbsdirect becomes faulty within the warranty period, we'll happily replace the item for you. Please contact us if this is the case and we'll be able to assist you.  

*Different warranties apply to different products. See each individual product for details of the warranty length.  

Terms and conditions:

  • The warranty is for a specified period (please get in touch for warranty information for specific products) from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty excludes any bulbs that have failed due to ill fitting or other external factors (e.g. shock/being dropped etc).
  • The warranty does not cover bulbs that are used as part of a daylight running system as the usage in such circumstances is likely to be higher than that of an average user.
  • The warranty is limited to bulb replacement only (of the same product or, if the product is discontinued, the nearest equivalent as identified by us).
  • In the case of two bulbs being purchased (a pair), both must be returned unless agreed otherwise.
  • The failed bulbs must be returned to us in order for us to diagnostically test it to improve future product development.
  • The customer is responsible for the postage costs to return the failed bulbs to us, but we will pay for the postage for the replacement bulbs to be sent to the customer.
  • The failed bulbs must be returned to us before a warranty claim can be administered.
  • Only one warranty claim may be issued per order in the warranty period.
    • Please note: if you have placed a new order as part of the warranty claim you will not be able to claim against this order as it will be refunded in full once we receive the faulty bulbs from you.
  • If you are placing a new order as part of the warranty claim you must place an order for the same item you are claiming against (unless the item has become discontinued. In this instance we will recommend an alternative).
  • If a claim is authorised then the customer must return the bulbs to us within 14 business days. If the bulbs are not received within this time then the claim may not be accepted.
  • The warranty is offered as a goodwill offer and may be terminated at any time in the future. This does not affect your statutory rights.