Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin) at Car Bulbs Direct.

Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin)
Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin)Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin)Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin)

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Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin)

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  • 6500K bright white light
  • Fits most cars
  • Very long life
  • Not road legal

For car headlight bulbs of supreme style and striking whiteness, Philips Ultinon Essential are the ultimate choice.

Why buy Philips Ultinon Essential LED H11 (Twin)?

Combining incredible style with brilliant value for money, the Philips Ultinon Essential range offers a terrific choice for drivers wanting impeccable LED lighting without breaking the bank. The Philips Ultinon Essential range of headlight bulbs projects a bold, bright and hugely stylish white light with a colour temperature of up to 6500K.

This miraculously high colour temperature (or 'Kelvin rating') ensures not only a vivid, modern white light, but also amplifies your presence on the road to other vehicles, so you can drive with added style at no cost to safety and comfort. Similarly, with Philips' precise bulb design and world-beating engineering skills, the Ultinon Essential range guarantees a precise beam projection, perfectly placed on the road ahead so as to provide optimal lighting and avoid dazzling others on the road.

By choosing an LED car bulb range made by a universally renowned brand such as Philips, you avoid the many risks and pitfalls of buying inferior-quality, cheap LED headlight bulbs. Where many LED bulbs promise an intense light, they often fail to deliver, and their poor design can mean a very short lifespan and even a dangerously misplaced beam. The Philips Ultinon Essential is designed with Automotive-Grade Quality materials and follows the strictest quality-control procedures to ensure a bulb with a strong light, precise projection and long life up to around 1500 hours.

The long lifespan of the Ultinon Essential range is ensured by Philips' innovative bulb design, which includes a built-in fan and aluminium heatsink with anodising coating, allowing heat to be dispersed efficiently, thereby extending lifespan. This heat-resistance, along with the Ultinon Essential's durable build, means that you can enjoy a strong, bright white 6500K light for far longer than a standard halogen bulb.

Alongside this the Ultinon Essential LED bulbs boast a sturdy, compact design for improved durability, which includes built-in driver box electronics, for a simple plug-in-play fitting. Not only that, the Philips Ultinon Essential range is compatible with 12V and 24V electrical systems, and comes with optional connector rings to ensure an easy, safe fit to the widest range of car models as possible.

For the best LED technology at the best price, try the Philips Ultinon Essential range of car headlight bulbs today.

PLEASE NOTE: These headlight bulbs do not have ECE approval and are currently not approved for use on public roads: their usage is limited to ‘off-road’ applications. In addition, their installation may trigger a bulb error message to appear on the vehicle's on-board computer system / dashboard. This is a harmless side-effect of the low-wattage LED bulbs not being recognised by the vehicle's CANbus system and can be solved with the installation of an additional Philips Canbus Adaptors

Features and benefits

  • 6500K colour temperature
  • Stylish vivid white light
  • Built-in fan and aluminium heatsink for optimised cooling
  • Highly durable and heat-resistant for increased lifespan (1500 hours)
  • Automotive-Grade Quality product – long-lasting performance
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V electrical systems
  • Accurate, uniform LED beam pattern
  • Includes optional connector ring for adjustable fitting
  • May require additional installation of CANbus adapter (to resolve dashboard errors / flickering lights)
  • New all-in-one design for simple plug-and-play installation 
  • Not road legal

About Philips

For over a century, Philips have been literally making the world a brighter place. Through using ever-advancing technology and adhering to the most rigorous and superlative of production standards, it isn’t hard to see why one in every three cars worldwide come equipped with Philips lamps. A purchase from Philips not only offers best-in-class technology, but peace of mind.

 It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements.

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