Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED WY21W (Twin) at Car Bulbs Direct.

Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED WY21W (Twin)
Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED WY21W (Twin)Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED WY21W (Twin)

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Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED WY21W (Twin)

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  • Styling bulb
  • Striking amber LED light
  • Long life – up to 12 years
  • Not road legal

To achieve the utmost style and performance from your signalling bulbs, upgrade to Philips’ X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED today.

Why buy the Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 Amber LED WY21W (Twin)?

With the Philips X-tremeUltinon LED range achieving worldwide praise since its entry into the automotive lighting industry, the X-tremeUltinon gen2 range is a welcome addition to the Philips catalogue. Confirming Philips’ reputation as pioneers in LED lighting, this new and improved second generation range of LED bulbs offers immense style, performance and lifespan in one comprehensive package.

As with its predecessor, the X-tremUltinon gen2 LED range features only the most innovative technology and state-of-the-art components in its assembly. The Philips team’s masterful engineering is present in every aspect of the bulb, which offers not only an intense amber signalling light, but a sturdy casing, able to withstand even the harshest of environmental stresses such as extremes in heat and vibration.

Along with an intense, stylish light output and resilient design, the X-tremeUltinon gen2 boast an efficiency unrivalled by other lighting technologies. Philips’s grasp over the latest developments in LED technology allow these X-tremeUltinon gen2 bulbs to use only a minimal amount of energy while still producing a stronger light than halogen technology, thereby extending the bulbs’ lifespan up to an incredible 12 years.

And with a simple plug-and-play design (which includes a CANbus adapter), installation is a breeze. Make a purchase from the Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 LED range today and experience high-performing LED lighting for minimal effort and cost.

(Though these LED bulbs can be fitted to any WY21W fitting – inside or outside the vehicle – their usage in an exterior application is not road legal; such usage must be confined to off-road driving.)

Features and benefits

  • Turn signal / indicator bulbs
  • Vivid amber LED light colour
  • Exceptionally long life – up to 12 years
  • Enhances light projection, visibility and style
  • Optically comforting
  • Durable design – resistant to extreme temperatures and vibrational damage
  • Philips Automotive-Grade Quality standard
  • Includes CANbus adapter – no additional purchase/installation required
  • Not road legal – only suitable for off-road usage  

About Philips

For over a century, Philips have been literally making the world a brighter place. Through using ever-advancing technology and adhering to the most rigorous and superlative of production standards, it isn’t hard to see why one in every three cars worldwide comes equipped with Philips lamps. A purchase from Philips not only offers best-in-class technology, but peace of mind.

 It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements.


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