Evo magazine review of Philips X-treme Vision at Car Bulbs Direct.

Evo magazine review of Philips X-treme Vision

Evo magazine review of Philips X-treme Vision

12th October 2011

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There are lots of advantages to choosing a quality OE manufacturer when buying new headlight bulbs. This approach has been endorsed by Evo Magazine, one of the best selling automotive publications in the UK.

They road tested Philips X-treme Vision in a Fiat Panda 4x4 and said:

"Fitting them turned out to be a five minute job, and on a late night test run the results comfortably exceeded my expectation, with both dipped and full beam performance so impoved, the Panda now matches my xenon-equipped Range Rover for night time operations. Well worth the relatively small outlay of £32.99, then."

The Fiat Panda 4x4 uses H4 bulbs, but this product is also available in both H7 and H1. If you're unsure of which bulb fitting is used in your car then we have a handy vehicle guide for you to refer to.

This is the kind of feedback we hear from our customers every day but it's always great to see it in the press from a respected journalist. Thanks to the team at Evo Magazine.