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Common headlight fittings:

H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 HB3 HB4 D1S D1R D2S D2R

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Spare Bulb Kits

In many countries it is mandatory to carry a spare bulb kit in your vehicle. It's certainly recommended, as car headlight bulbs can fail at the most inconvenient times. Our kits are manufacturered by Philips, a world leader in automotive lighing, and have everything you need to be compliant with the law.

AA Euro Travel Kit

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  • Essential items for driving in Europe
  • All items conform to EU standards
  • Sturdy canvas bag – compact

$40.93 CAD

  • Out of stock
  • Free worldwide delivery *
  • Free 12 month warranty
Spare Bulb Kit

NEOLUX Universal Spare Bulb Kit

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  • NEOLUX is a brand of OSRAM
  • Quality Universal Bulb Kit
  • Contains all common bulbs
  • Also includes spare fuses

RRP: $38.98 CAD

$29.62 CAD

  • In stock
  • Free worldwide delivery *
  • Free 12 month warranty